Notes and Tips about Using UCLA’s College Library (Powell)

Bring the following:
I.D. Card (student or DL)
AP Library Card (initially given at circ. desk)
$ Cash (Bills) for BruinCard/printing
Maturity J

I. Location of Important Areas
· Circulation Desk: Second floor to the right
· Books/Stacks: On all floors, arranged by LC call number
· Computer Access for Visitors (incl. AP Students): On second floor in front and back of reference desk.
· Study areas: all around library. Note: These are ALL quiet study areas.
· Bathrooms: Ground floor
· BruinCards: Purchase for .58 at machine near circ. desk as well as around campus (Ackerman, etc.) BruinCard vending machines only take bills, no coins. The machines do not give change.

II. Privileges

· APHS students may only borrow UCLA books from the College Library.
· UCLA’s licensed databases are available to APHS students only in the UCLA libraries. (No off-site access.)
· Borrowing Privileges: 5 Books maximum
· You MUST have a picture i.d. in order to get your card. Cards can be picked up from the circulation desk on the second floor.
· Students may not check out periodicals, but can photocopy ($.16/page), using a visitor BruinCard.
· The library staff’s first priority is with UCLA students and faculty, or other UC students and faculty. Please be mindful that we are guests with privileges that can be revoked.

III. Computer Use

· You must wait in the queue behind the reference desk when all computers are in use.
· UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you ever be using the computers for ANYTHING other than research while in the library. Your time at the computer is limited (approx. 5 minutes if people are waiting) so get your work done as quickly as possible.
· Printing costs .11/page
· To print, click on the print iconà name your document (make it something easy like “samo” or “23”à create a password for the document (use whatever name you gave your document as the password)àgo to the printer stationsàselect your document from the list of documents waiting to be printed àswipe your BruinCard to pay à pick up your document after it prints.
· You may email most documents EXCEPT PDF files.You must print any PDF files you want.

IV. Searching for Books
Powell Library uses Library of Congress (LC) classification system. Once you find a book you want, check the catalog to see if the College Library (Powell) has a copyàCheck the status of the one at College LibraryàWrite down the LC call numberàFind the book using the maps showing where LC call numbers are located.

V. Quick Guide to Library of Congress Call Numbers

1. arrange books on the shelves by topic
2. every book is assigned a unique Call Number
series of letters and numbers
· begin with a letter
3. letters represent broad subject area
Read call numbers line by line: LB
Read the first line in alphabetical order: A, B, BF, C, D... L, LA, LB
Read the second line as a whole number: 2395 1, 2, 3, 45, 100, 101, 1000, 2000, 2430...

VI. Before you go:

-Look over the UCLA College Library Information Guide for AP High School Students.
Go to:

-Check the UCLA catalog to find the call number and status of any book you want to check out. (Remember: check the Samohi or Santa Monica Public Library for books first.)
Go to:

-Try the Road to Research tutorial, available
Go to:

VII. College Library Collection Strengths

· Materials in all disciplines, but stronger in secondary sources in basic world history, especially American history—i.e., those written at a later date about the event(s), American and English literature, and literary criticism.
· 200,000 books and 700 periodical subscriptions, many online.
· Periodical literature on current hot topics, but this type of information is also available at public libraries.
· 26 public computers with Internet access and access to many licensed research resources.
· May email full-text periodical articles, when available online, except PDF files. (PDF files must be printed out, as our current software does not permit emailing them).

VIII. College Library Weaknesses

· Few, if any, primary sources. Primary materials at the Young Research Library (YRL) may not be available to high school students.
· College Library’s American literature and literary criticism materials are used heavily by UCLA undergraduates.
· Most College Library print periodicals only go back fifteen years and may not be checked out.
· Older volumes are kept at YRL and high school students’ access to them may be limited. For example, high school students do not have access to microfilm materials at YRL.
· Students may not check out periodicals, but can photocopy ($.16/page), using a visitor BruinCard.