Library Scavenger Hunt
Samohi Library Freshman Orientation
Directions: Using the map on back, visit each area of the library that is represented with a number. Read the bright yellow sign at each numbered location to fill in the blanks below. After you complete this scavenger hunt, Mr. Price, Mr. Averett, or Ms. Bart-Bell will stamp your paper for credit.
1. Sign- in and sign-out sheet: You must have an to come to the library during class time. Show your pass to a member of the library staff , sign-in, and before exiting the library, sign out. If you do not have a 1st, 5th or 6th period and your ID has the appropriate sticker, you are welcome to come to the library during that time.
2. Circulation Desk: You may check out up to books for _ weeks using your ID card.
3. Return books in the _ near the exit.
4. Copier: cents per page.
5. Computers: Macs are near the nonfiction section and PC’s are in the main study area. Sign on to the computers using your _ and .
6. Printing original work (i.e. essay, paper, etc.) is free. Any information from the internet costs page after the first page. Pictures cost _ cents per page. Pick up your printed work at the circulation desk.
7. _section. On the back wall of this section, under the windows, you will find autobiographies and biographies arranged alphabetically by the subject’s last name. Using this system, the call number for a biography on Terrell Owens would be 92_.
8. Reference Books: These are in front the circulation desk and around the east walls of the main area. At Samohi, reference books can _be checked out.
9. _: Shhhh!- this is where no one is allowed to talk, giggle, whisper, etc. You have a right to expect silence when you’re working in this section of the library.
10. Fiction: Arranged alphabetically by the _.
11. Foreign Language Section: You can find books in _, _ and in this section.

12. Non-Fiction: Arranged by numbers from 100 – 999, according to the Dewey Decimal System.

Directions: Look around the circulation desk to find the answers to the following:
A. Samohi Library Hours are: Mon- Thurs.-_. Fri. _-.
B. Cell phones, iPods, CD Players, etc will be _if used in the library.
C. The library classification system used by this library is the classification system.
D. The case sensitive Username and Password to access the district databases are: